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BurJuman is one of the oldest and best-known malls in Dubai. It underwent a significant expansion in 2003. The new extension was larger than the original mall and an architectural wonder. We were asked to create a spectacular opening event to launch the new extension and, having seen the plans and models of the new building, identified the void spaces in between the retail areas as ideal locations to create something never-before seen.

We were responsible for the conceptualization and turnkey management of the launch event activities.

Event Information
The event centered around a combination of jazz and classical musicians, playing the same tunes in different styles on two levels. In addition to the required technical co-ordination, the spectacle necessitated a conductor -- suspended from the 18-meter-high roof on an elastic bungee rig – who led both orchestras simultaneously!

Joining the musicians were a highly skilled team of jugglers, aerial artists and dancers. Each day began with a parade around the mall and led to a choreographed dance performance based on the fashion capitals of the world: London, Paris, Milan and New York. Audiences were treated to a range of performances from classical ballet to cabaret and break dancing. Magic and comedy acts, stilt walkers, juggling with jazz and classical music with magic all became part of the variety show.