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When called upon by one of the UAE's leading provider of festival entertainment, Saltimbanco Italiano Global Art Theatre Company, to re-create a clear cube for the world-renowned Gandini Juggling Troupe, we worked with a highly skilled team of acrylic specialists and engineers to design and build a highly mobile and strong event prop.

As the cube was required to move to different event locations and needed to be mobile within the malls and event locations, the design took into consideration the overall weight of the materials as well as the aesthetics of the show being presented. Integral jacks and de-mountable wheels were included, as well as a series of light boxes to form the roof, making the whole unit self-contained.

The original cube designed and built by Gandini for the London Millennium Dome weighed over 1500kgs. The cube designed and supplied by us weighed in at less than 800kgs and can be moved into position by just two people.