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We believe we offer a unique service in this market segment, specializing in the provision of mall decoration, promotions and entertainment, with a specific purpose. Rather than simply providing mall decoration and entertainment for mall decoration and entertainment's sake to bring visitors to the mall or to provide seasonal decoration within the mall, as many other companies do, we specialize in providing sales-generating and interactive mall decoration & events, themed displays and mall decoration that involves the visitor in a creative way.   Working to a brief from mall management and considering their goals -- whether it be mall decoration to attract and generate funds for charity or simply mall decoration signage to direct visitors to a specific area of their venue, we specialize in generating unique mall decoration solutions to each challenge.  

Working with a diverse range of clients from many different industries, we have turn-key managed or partially managed specific elements of many major mall decoration projects, events, events and launches, corporate events, corporate family days, corporate award ceremonies, product launches, promotional launches, promotions, weddings, and large outdoor/indoor events, festivals, corporate parties, gala dinner events, conferences, mall promotions, exhibitions, mall decoration, sporting events, special interest events, event decoration, event prop design and fabrication, event support services, event consultancy, team building events, event entertainment supply, promotional hostess supply, promotional model supply, event staff supply, event branding projects, event conceptualization projects, event concept creation and much more