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Global Jet Set Live Board Game Show, a creation of Richard Manson our Licensed Propertys Divsion "Copyrightlive" manager. #copytrightlive #licensedpropertyevents

Players are invited onto the giant board game, a map of the world’s continents; each continent is represented by a color.  Blue-North America, Purple -South America, Green- Europe, Yellow- Africa, Brown –Asia and Red –Australia. They are greeted by two show hosts, the pilot and an airhostess.

Game Objective 
Players must try and collect as many continent passport stamps as they can and as many air miles as they can. Any player that visits all six continents and collects all six passport stamps wins outright, if no player gets all six colors the player with the most air miles wins.

Air Miles 
By traveling between continents players collect air miles. If they travel to anther continent over an ocean they collect 20’000 air miles. If they travel to another continent by traveling over land (borders) they collect 10’000 air miles. 

Game Play
The game is played by throwing 2 dice. Dice 1 is the ‘Airport information’ dice and Dice 2  is the destination dice.  Each player throws the information dice first to determine mode or way of travel (which can add or subtract miles) and then the second dice the destination dice that determines where player moves next (continent) on the board.