Why do we use Fiberglass in event fabrication?

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Being event management specialists in Dubai and across the UAE, we offer our clients total project support from conceptualization and design to event fabrication and final installation. Embedded in our scope of work, event fabrication in UAE & abroad is a critical part of the entire event planning process and could become key in defining the success of your event theme/décor.

In our event fabrication processes, we fabricate many event props and decor items using a variety of design methods and materials including but not limited to plastics, wood, fiberglass, Styrofoam, acrylic, fabrics and much more.

Today, we want to share with you the numerous advantages of using Fiberglass in event fabrication which is one of the most suitable and desirable materials in applications.

First, Fiberglass gives us more freedom of design and allows our creativity to flow. All that can be attributed to its ease of molding into almost any shape or design imaginable. Any detail in décor that our clients might imagine, we can fabricate it out of Fiberglass. Final products are usually stronger and require less maintenance than other materials.

Besides, other than lower maintenance costs and warranty work, Fiberglass is considered as a very affordable and cost effective solution in event fabrication when compared to other materials. One point to prove it, is the easy duplication in quantity once molds and plugs have been created so that costs are significantly reduced.

Using Fiberglass in Event Fabrication is also an attractive and strong alternative especially due to its high resistance to extreme environmental conditions and corrosion which makes it a better performer & a longer-lasting choice.
Finally, when it comes to the most important aspect of our business i.e. creating amazing corporate events in UAE, appearance matters. For this purpose, Fiberglass comes with a wide variety of colors and textures and can be finished in flat, semi-gloss, or high-gloss.

So to sum it up, using Fiberglass in event fabrication is beneficial due to its unique properties including versatility, affordability, durability and aesthetics. Invent Creative & Event Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective novelty props & event decoration items through our widely recognized Event Fabrication Solutions UAE & GCC.

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