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Valentine’s Day in the office

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Valentine’s Day can be as fun and festive as the awaited annual staff parties for coworkers. We’ve reached the time of year when drugstore shelves are stocked with candy hearts, florists are extending holiday discounts and lovebirds are making plans to wow their partners for the biggest date night of the year. If your office wants to get in on the fun this month, here are some creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your team, where you can always consider it as office annual staff parties.

1. Secret Cupid Swap. We’re all familiar with the anonymous Santa swap that’s a staple of December office annual staff parties and celebrations, but you can apply the same rules to a February gift exchange. Set a price limit and allow coworkers to select a name from a hat. To make things interesting, present an opportunity for participants to “steal” gifts until the day is over.

2. Valentine’s mailboxes for staff. Set a half hour aside for your team members to decorate their own mailboxes in honor of Valentine’s Day. By allowing coworkers to place appreciation notes, everyone can express their admiration for their workfellows. Colleagues should not wait for the next annual staff parties to earn their recognition; they can simply share their gratitude this February.

3. Chocolate potluck. That’s a mouthful to say three times fast, but inviting coworkers to bake decadent treats for the office on Valentine’s Day can put everyone in the holiday spirit as if you’re celebrating annual staff parties. By now, we’ve all broken our New Year’s Resolutions, so bring on the sweets.

As a note of caution, remember to keep Valentine’s Day professional. Keep it light, and don’t overburden employees with activities.


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