Top Award Ceremonies Themes For 2016

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Planning on making your next award ceremonies shine? It is achievable but the logistics can always be a bit challenging. However, as experts in this domain, Invent Creative & Event Solutions understand the time constraints, budgeting issues and general headaches that surround most award ceremonies, which is why we want to help you.
With award ceremonies elevating in these couple of years, we’ve collected some of the top award ceremonies party themes for 2016 to help inspire your next event.

Location Themes:
• Paris
• Spain
• Arabian Nights, with vivid colors, belly dancers and a Moroccan tea bar
• Wild West
• Big Apple/NYC-themed party

Era Themes
• 1980s
• 1950s sock hop
• 1960s boho
• 1920s/1930s speakeasy style
• Futuristic

Entertainment Themes
• James Bond
• Wizard of Oz
• Cirque du Soleil
• Academy Awards
• Old Hollywood
• The Walking Dead
• A Night in Casablanca
• Casino
• Dr. Zhivago winter theme with Russian food served Russian style, and snowy, icy white décor

Nature Themes
• Magic Garden or Garden Splendor
• Eco-Wonderland, fitting the world’s eco-friendly policies and energy efficiency

We’re happy to help you plan your award ceremonies, making your celebration unforgettable and full of joyous moments.

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