THREE Pro Tips for planning Great Award Ceremonies

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Whether looking to reward people within your industry or just honoring your staff within your organization, planning great award ceremonies in general are rewarding by themselves and can serve as a way to drive employee morale up and motivate them to achieve company goals. As award ceremonies planners UAE, Invent Creative & Event Solutions views award ceremonies as an important event that could make companies move forward in today’s tricky business times. That’s why, we would like to share with you three pro tips that can help you in planning great award ceremonies yourselves!

1.Plan your budget allocation

As any other corporate event, knowing your budget is key. Why? As award ceremonies planners UAE, we know the amount of last-minute problems that arise from bad budget planning. For instance, knowing what you can and can’t get with your budget, especially if your budget is on the smaller side, would allow you to act realistically and assign the right amount of money to the right deals that are essential to make your award ceremony successful such as AV production, rather than struggling to meet margins or spending most of the money on unimportant elements.

2.Know your Graphic Design, Stage Design & Awards Presentation

Start planning with a vision. Gather your award ceremony planning team and share ideas of how you want this ceremony to look and even write down a small production brief to decide on the main elements such as LED effects, props, screen sizes and so on. Stage design usually incorporates branding (event logo, animated elements…) and should serve to showcase a perfect awards scheme that gives more exposure to finalists and winners. On the other hand, graphic designers must work to bring planned designs to life by preparing an attractive awards presentation. Graphic design, stage design and awards presentation combined can maximize your guests’ overall experience if planned carefully.

3.Set up your atmosphere

To make your awards ceremony memorable, you have to create a rich atmosphere that your guests will enjoy. For this purpose, lighting and music come first. Whereas lighting all around can brighten up a venue and make the guests feel included, music can be used to reflect the mood you wish to create and to highlight main segments within your award ceremony. Besides, moving lights and uplighters can be used to make sensational effects that leave a long-lasting impact throughout the event.

These were your three pro tips from the renowned award ceremonies planners in UAE. Of course, planning a big corporate event like an award ceremony requires a lot more of planning and organization. Remember, Invent Creative & Event Solutions Dubai can create the desired level of impact for your guests using our wide expertise in corporate event planning Dubai.

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