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Three Habits that need to be avoided in event planning

Nov 27 • Dubai Events, Entertainment Booking • 1502 Views • No Comments on Three Habits that need to be avoided in event planning

When looking to create an exceptional event, there are various habits that we should be following, such as managing the client’s expectations, paying attention to detail and providing excellence in all services. However at Invent Creative Event Solution as a leading corporate event management agency in Dubai, UAE we’ve discovered that there are three main habits you should be avoiding at all costs.

First and foremost, as a leading events management company in Dubai UAE, we avoid taking shortcuts. Time management is key and although planning an event comes with it’s fair share of stress, details are key and taking a shortcut is allowing one’s self to skip past each and every relevant step that’s necessary in making an event what we intend on it being – Impeccable.

Secondly, we make sure to avoid using voucher print outs for event registration. No one likes waiting whilst we ruffle through a bunch of papers to tick their name off the list – This decreases the quality of our client and attendee’s experience.  Technology is now on our side with simple apps and identification methods so why not take advantage of this and welcome the guests with a no-fuss efficient registration experience.

Last of all is inadequately picking public speakers. This is something to avoid at all costs. Some may say that going for the most inexpensive or the most admired speaker would be the right choice. However, the right choice is picking a presenter that can meet the clients specific needs, corporate culture and/or message being portrayed to guests.  At Invent Creative Event Solutions as a leading corporate event management agency we have many different public speakers and Master of Ceremonies on our books so we would be sure to have the right one for your event.

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