These 4 mistakes will ruin your Product Launch!

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In one of the most critical corporate events for any business, no mistakes are allowed! Product Launches can have a strong effect on the subsequent failure or success of your new product, the one you have spent lots of research, planning and hard work to make it unique.

Whatever industry you operate in, in order to hold a tight grip on your market share, you should not only develop a product that has the potential to break in but to also make sure that this new Product Launch event gets the right publicity and generates as much buzz as possible. The following are 4 common mistakes that will ruin your product launch:

1. Failing to meet deadlines
Give yourself the proper time needed to plan an amazing Product Launch but don’t fail to meet your deadlines since people, including your investors and the press, may doubt your ability in the future.
Even if you have lots of time, don’t waste it & start working right away. Give yourself and your team the time to set goals, evaluate and re-evaluate to set up one exceptional Product Launch UAE or elsewhere.

2. Lack of Preparation
Before everything comes into motion, half the job mostly relies on event preparations. Usually, a Product Launch requires at least months to be strongly put together. A general plan must include best time to launch, where, different ways to reach the audience & many more details that we personally handled as Event Management Organizers in Dubai, UAE to make the corporate event successful: location, list of equipment, list of hosts & speakers, catering services, entertainment and so on.

3. Improper Product Featuring
The point of your Product Launch is to feature your product at the first place. So to throw an elaborate event & to take full advantage of it, you must give a personal feel of the product to your audience and let them explore it themselves. Not featuring your product prominently can eventually ruin you launch event and you’ll miss your set goals & expectations.

4. Ready not Ready?
Are you ready to launch? If you are 100% sure that your product is entirely ready, then yes. After all, no matter how great your product launch might be, bad reviews exclaiming the flaws of your product can ruin it completely.
Invent Creative Event Solutions Dubai has produced countless local & international Product Launch Events UAE, giving a quality service for reasonable prices. So unless you have an extensive experience in product launch management, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals to handle your Product Launch UAE or abroad. Feel free to ask us for advice anytime!

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