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The Ideal Event Marketing

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Reaching as many niche audience members as possible, is an important goal for the perfect event marketing on social media. After all, what good does your high quality event do if no one sees it? So here are a few tips on how to have the perfect event promotion.


1 – Share an optimized post on all relevant social networks
Share a link to your blog post on every social media platform that your target audience uses. Whenever you can, use a picture to call attention to your post. It really helps with you event marketing! Link posts that include eye-catching pictures get more clicks than links without them.


2 – Share repeatedly on Twitter if you use it
On Twitter things move VERY fast. So sharing one link to your blog post there isn’t likely to get you a lot of attention. My rule of thumb for your event marketing on Twitter is:
• two separate times the day of publication
• once the day after publication
• one week later
• two weeks later
• one month later
• two months later


3 – Share at the times when your audience is online
There will be good times for you to share and there will be bad times. These can only be accurately determined by careful observation. But most of the time, your niche audience will display a pattern upon which you can capitalize for your event marketing.


4 – Keep tweets under 120 characters
If you are reaching out to an audience on Twitter, make sure to leave enough room for your friends to re-tweet you without having to edit your tweet. Keeping your tweets under 120 characters generally leaves enough room for easy re-tweeting and thus better event marketing.


5 – Monitor social media and respond throughout the day
Scheduling your tweets and/or other social media posts using a tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer can save you a lot of time when planning for your event marketing. But don’t just schedule those posts and forget them. Check throughout the day to see if anyone has responded or tried to initiate a dialog with you.


6 – Use photos in the right dimensions

As mentioned earlier, photos are very important to include whenever you publish a blog and as often as possible when you share your blog posts on social media. But the same picture doesn’t always work on all platforms. Make sure you understand the dimension requirements for each social network that you are using.

Source: http://blog.cvent.com/

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