The Duties of a Successful Hostess

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While most people consider that being a hostess is an easy job, only few know the true difficulty of such profession and the challenges that comes with it. So we decided to highlight the real duties of a successful hostess.

1- An event hostess creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests and event attendees. She works at a wide variety of venues and social functions, including art gallery events, restaurants, wedding receptions, fund-raising efforts, conferences and trade shows. She greets and directs guests upon arrival, provides them with information they need and answers other questions as best she can. Sometimes even a hostess responsibility can include acting as a spokeswoman or emcee for the event, coordinating with organizers, other staff members or featured guests–such as managers, artists and caterers–and mingling among the crowd to make sure the event is on track and people are enjoying themselves.

2- Because there are so many different types of social functions–everything from lectures and art exhibitions to trade shows, poetry readings or wine tastings–there are many types of hostesses, with different responsibilities and specialties. They all, however, concentrate on making guests, attendees and participants feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. A guest’s first and last impression of an event will often be his interaction with the hostess. A hostess must have confidence, a friendly attitude that helps her relate to all types of people and the ability to speak knowledgeably about the event she is hosting.

3- To do her job effectively, a hostess must maintain effective working relationship with other event workers, featured guests, organizers and other involved parties. At a catered corporate function, for example, hostesses may discuss the schedule with event planners to ensure activities go as planned–oftentimes having to change plans on the fly as conditions change. At functions where food is served, hostesses must get along well with waiters, bartenders and other staff members, including sometimes temperamental chefs. If these working relationships aren’t amicable, the whole event may be far more difficult and less successful than it should be.

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