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The 5 Common Mistakes Event Organizers Often Commit

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Planning an event requires so much effort – it’s actually not an easy task. And all professional event organizers in Dubai are guilty of committing common mistakes which is normal and inevitable.

As one of the leading event companies in Dubai, we, Invent Creative and Event Solutions do our best to attend to all our clients’ needs. And as a trusted event management agency by many, we make sure that each event that our customers ask us to conduct will be executed seamlessly and hassle-free. We organize different kinds of events like a corporate event, live events, gala event, and many more. Each event is guaranteed to be a success and our satisfied clients can attest to all the effective strategies that we impart to them, to ensure that their event will run smoothly.

Moreover, we will discuss the five common mistakes that event planners often do so you will be able to avoid them in your next event.

1. Doing everything on your own

Event planners are responsible for making sure that everything is planned out accordingly – from the finance, props, guests, and everything; but that doesn’t mean that you require no help from your staff anymore. Let them do their jobs and trust that they will do their best, and guide them all the way through.

2. Too much control

In the course of the event, you don’t need the ushers to restrict and notice everything that your guests are doing. Allow your guests to breathe – allow them to interact with each other, and decide on their own. They will soon feel like they are in a confinement – not an event, and this can lose their interest in listening to your speakers or even disregard finishing the event anymore. You should also avoid VIP treatment because this can cause negative impressions from the other guests.

3. Relying too much on your celebrity speakers

Yes, celebrity guests and speakers can truly heighten your event’s vibe, as well as your guests’ interest. But in some cases, celebrities can simply not attend or breeze into your event, that’s why you should make sure that they are really interested in coming to your event. Spend your money wisely on these celebrities and have a Plan B if ever your guest celebrity speakers don’t show up.

4. Not thinking outside the box

Using social media is a popular and effective way to engage with your participants and attract more guests. You should be creative when using these social media platforms – you can live stream our event, you may or you may not create a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, you may or may not make an account on all social media but there’s one thing you should take note of – don’t be too much. Quality is still better than quantity.

5. Not thanking your participants

You need to make your participants feel that they mattered – that their presence made the event even better. You can do this before finally closing your event or you can give them certificates as well.
Now that you know these five common mistakes, you may now be able to avoid them next time and ask our help if you need professional event organizers for your event.




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