Tasks Of Event Coordinators Dubai

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A professional coordination is the key to a successful event. Event coordinators in Dubai would definitely consider all the aspects from A to Z, and help you with the burden of planning and coordinating an anticipated event.

Before the action starts, event coordinators in Dubai would:
– Rely on their team of experts with differently skilled members for making agendas and preparing schedules.
– Understand your client’s expectation and identify the target audience.
– Analyze the cost and prepare a budget.
– Prepare an invitation and list down the programs in the event.
– Prepare a deadline for each activity.
– Collaborate consistently to ensure timely actions.

To start the action, event coordinators in Dubai would:
– Get approval for the budget and the discussed ideas.
– Start social media marketing campaign on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
– Market the event by informing media, preparing brochure, sending mails, etc.
– Keep your attendees engaged during the event (by posting event updates on social media)
– Collaborate with the team to ensure that the plans are on track.

24-36 hours before the event, event coordinators in Dubai would:
– Create the list of guests who responded with RSVP.
– Make a list of table accessories like pen, notepad, brochure, bottle of water, etc.
– Ensure all activities are running on time including transportation arrangements.
– Remind VIPs about the event, and have volunteers to guide them to the event.
– Confirm venue arrangements like lights, decorations, volunteers, security, etc.
– Prepare a minute-by-minute plan for the event.

In the management of the final day, event coordinators in Dubai would:
– Arrive at the event’s location with team members hours before the event time.
– Check whether all the electronic equipment are working properly (microphones, lights, speakers, etc.)
– Setup a beautiful reception and helpdesk.
– Allocate space for sponsors to place their banners.
– Ensure that the host/anchor has details of the VIPs to avoid any blunder.
– Hire a dedicated photographer to capture special moments, sponsor banners and key people.
– Confirm stock of food, water, flowers, etc.

When the event is over, and event coordinators in Dubai receive the appreciation for their efforts, they tend to you collect meaningful information from the participants. This will help you get valuable insights for nourishing managerial skills and shaping the future events based on the received feedback. Event coordinators in Dubai always learn from the event!

In conclusion, event coordinators in Dubai know that this is one profession where perfection is required and there is no place for gaps and gaffes. We, at Invent Creative & Event Solutions Dubai can help you avoid such blunders, where our event coordinators in Dubai can definitely exceed your expectations and turn your event into a charming delightful memory.


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