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Six Ways To Overhaul Award Ceremonies

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Here a 6 ways to renovate the entire award ceremonies management experience. This is far from a complete list, but these ideas will help you make some significant improvements in your next award ceremonies management.

1. Don’t Cram All The Awards Together

No law says you have to have a single ceremony, so spread the awards out during the event as a smart move in your next award ceremonies management. Present some once or twice during the general session. Present awards at lunch. Being just one more name in a marathon ceremony isn’t much of a thrill.

2. Don’t Have a Banquet

There is nothing prestigious or glamorous about the clatter of dishes during the award ceremonies management. Instead of combining everything, have the awards in a separate room. You can make the audience more comfortable and have the tools you need to make the show and presentations more exciting.

3. Cut the Number of Awards

By the time you have applauded for the tenth award your hands and arms are starting to ache and you’re searching for an orally administered anesthetic. The goal is to reward the best and inspire the rest. Focus on the awards with the greatest interest and impact in your next award ceremonies management.

4. Give the Audience an Investment

Most award ceremonies management suffers from a lack of engagement. While the rest of your meeting, event or trade show probably features participation and involvement, handing out awards is usually a one-way experience. If you reduce the number of awards, you can do a better job explaining why people should care.

5. Put Individuals in the Spotlight – No Big Groups

Assign your winners to a group. The host or hostess invites the group to line up at the side of the stage. Each person’s name is called she/he comes up and then presented the award and poses for a fast photo. Each person is treated as an individual.

6. Give the Audience a Gift

Why should the winners be the only ones who get something for sitting through the event? As an innovative award ceremonies management, give every person something for being there – some token of appreciation. A small bag with a gift card, a little token, even a short note will take the event out of the ordinary.

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