Seven Types of Corporate Events You Need for Your Business

Seven Types of Corporate Events You Need for Your Business

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Any corporation, regardless of its type of business, industry, size or location, has a regular need to hold gatherings. As such, a corporate event differs in terms of its purpose, attendees, decision-makers and so on. Being specialists in corporate event management Dubai and throughout the UAE, we come across a variety of corporate events in Dubai wherein each consists of unique requirements and individual planning to make it successful.

We have compiled a list of seven types of corporate events in Dubai or elsewhere that your business needs on an on-going basis to fulfill several of its objectives both on the short-run and long-run:

-Conferences: are the most popular and crucial corporate events in Dubai and can range from academic & technical to business conferences. Planning for a corporate conference requires decisions to be made on a multitude of aspects including: location, cost, venue, accommodation, conference room, etc. & according to the purpose of the gathering i.e. to discuss, to train…

-Seminars: they are not what you would typically consider as boring classroom lectures. Seminars require strong interactivity at their core in order to successfully educate and train managers and employees. It is said that seminars should be 60% information and 40% entertainment. This type of corporate event allows the target audiences to disperse important expertise in a condensed form.

-Trade Shows: The key to a successful Trade Show lies in its professional presentation. As an important corporate event in Dubai, a trade show aims at presenting company products to get in touch with customers and business partners.

-Incentive Travel: is a corporate event intended to motivate your employees and customers at the same time. The importance of this event is its use as a great marketing tool to improve public relations and boost morale. From the corporate event manager’s perspective, careful planning is needed to choose the right destination and timing, be it a week in an exotic location or a weekend getaway in a nearby resort.

-Product Launches: This corporate event is necessary for any corporation to introduce its products to customers and investors. Product Launches can give shareholders the chance to test the product before introducing it to the general public, can introduce the product to old and new customers and introduce it to the media as well. Our job as creative corporate event organizers Dubai is to come up with the perfect product presentation.

-Theme Parties: are devoted to a special topic and are becoming increasingly trendy as a corporate event in Dubai. Some popular events are Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties, Casino nights and so on.

-Board Meetings: is an essential part of any corporation to discuss strategic goals and visions and make critical decisions. Planning such a corporate event needs to be done in advance & focuses on the choice of venue, set-up, theme etc. in order to reflect the prestigious nature of this event.

These were seven types of must-have business gatherings. Whatever the type of your corporate event in Dubai, UAE, Invent Creative & Event solutions has got the right experience, skills and creativity to make it successful. Check out our portfolio here

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