SEVEN elements of a successful launch event

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Whether your launch event is intended for a small gathering or you’re planning for a big exclusive promotion, some basic elements are necessary to be present within your planning and execution of a successful launch event, Dubai or elsewhere. Remember however, you could always use an expert hand and leave it on Invent UAE to handle your launch event from A to Z and make it a memorable one to all participants.

Back to the subject, we have put together seven of the most essential elements, more like steps, in achieving a successful launch event.

The purpose/message: always have a clear specific and direct message for your launch event. Write down the purpose of the event and let all people involved be aware of it so you’re all headed in the same direction and reach your target collaboratively. i.e. a clear launch positioning early on.

Launch Event Plan: the greatest asset of all is the plan. Without the plan, you’ll be lost, like anything else in life.

Launch Event Checklist: in addition to a plan, you need a checklist to plan out your event step by step. The venue, the people, the entertainment, the promotion?

Product & Persona research: during the planning process of any launch event, it is essential to conduct an elaborate marketing research not only for the product but for the audience to whom the launch event is intended. Do not skip this step if you’re looking for a successful launch event.

You don’t have to go through the complicated tasks of focus groups or testing facilities; you could reach out to people on your social media accounts and get a sense of what narrow message resonates best with your target.

Team gatherings: being consistent in the whole launch event is crucial to success. That means: even if you have written out a clear purpose and a launch positioning, a document is not enough to keep your launch team consistent. Take care of all coordination that must happen, especially for a complicated event, by pulling together the entire team at least once per week to be able to discuss projects and resolve occurring problems before the event takes place.

More planning: Yes, we’re not called event planners in Dubai for no reason! Planning comes first and then during as well. A minute-by-minute plan for the day of the launch event that lists all what needs to happen in details and timing should be given to responsible individuals. Remember: details and time play the most important role in the success of your launch day.

People before Product: it’s the fundamental marketing concept. This is not selling, this is marketing. The launching event has to be built around your target so personalize it in a way that resonates best with your community. You can fill in info and make a press release to local publications about your event.

These are seven elements you need to consider for your launch event. Invent UAE is a leading corporate event management company and when things get tough, we’ll always be here in Dubai to take over & make your launching event a memorable one.

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