Planning Your Next Annual Staff Party?

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A good party always includes food, entertainment, music and decoration, but a great party will include the special touch of Invent Creative & Event Solutions. Everyone can throw a party but only few have what it takes to turn your annual staff party into a joyful memory to be forever cherished.

And while there are infinite ideas about annual staff parties in the office or in indoor venues, we suggest you take advantage of UAE’s cool weather in October, and create the most amazing annual staff party ever!
Here are some ideas you might want to consider, or you may simply come to us for even more dazzling ideas:

1. Mini Olympics
The Mini Olympics idea is one of the most popular for annual staff party events these days. For this, teams from across the company are put together and so employees from all departments are represented on every team. Teams compete against each other for different events for the honor receiving a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Gifts such as bandana’s, customized coffee mugs can be given out to employees for their enthusiastic participation.

2. Star Performers
How about giving employees the red carpet treatment during your next annual staff party? This time will definitely enlighten every employee on board. Gifts such as a ticket for an exclusive movie event can be given to the winners of some activities. Employees can be made to compete in a movie trivia game. Also everyone can be given some movie candy and a few people can win gift cards to a local movie theatre as part of their prizes.

3. The Laughter Club
As we all know, laughter is the best medicine. So what better theme than Laughter to focus on during employee events? Employees can be given personal notes and let them know how they bring cheer to your office. The entire team of employees can be emailed jokes during the day of the event. The company can host a stand-up comedian hour as part of the event, making justice to the theme.

4. Retro Mania
Retro themes are fast becoming the most sought after themes in annual staff party. Employees can be set with a dress code for the day. The event can be filled with everything from the Vespa’s to bellbottoms. Special retro photo booths can be part of the event setup. A rock band performance can be arranged and the retro magic can be re-created, giving the senior employees a trip back to memory lane and new generation employees a taste of retro mania.

5. Carnival
A carnival-type setup can be provided for the annual staff party event. Employees can indulge in a variety of games, few games they would have played in their childhood, refreshing memories and few other interesting and innovative new age activities. All the elements that one usually finds in a carnival can be established in the event. Also exciting prizes for all employees should be arranged.

6. Go Global
The last but definitely not the least theme on the list is the Global Theme. Every team can choose a continent of their choice and represent the same. Every aspect of each continent can be covered in the event arrangement. All aspects relating to the continent such as the respective continents culture, cuisine, lifestyle, tradition should be showcased. Also specialty Merchandise can be given away to everyone. This way employee will experience a mini world tour and go home happy.

Source: http://officeneeds.sulekha.com/

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