• 4 do’s for summery event management

    event management

    The name of the season says it all, SUMMER! A Summery event management leaves you with some sort of a bigger responsibility, because summer events are full of high hopes and high expectations. Making sure that everything will work perfectly fine at your summery event management where your esteemed attendees…

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  • Top reads for event management companies

    event management companies

    If the age we are living in were to have a name, it would most certainly be something like ‘’Age of speed’’. Where every field of work is continuously evolving in the speed of light, in a way that if you blink more often you might miss some important event…

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  • Gala event management for your team!


    Remember how much you struggled last year, to find that one perfect company out of all the event management companies in Dubai, for your team of achieving employees?! Eventually, you made a hasty choice and went for one of the random event management companies that gave you the worst of…

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  • 5 event management tips!


    For any occasion, Invent event management center handles the event management in Dubai; whether it were to be a gala event management, a conference management, a corporate family day management, or festivals and parade management and more. Invent management center in Dubai guarantees beautiful moments in every event. Let us…

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  • Event management for “that wedding”!


    Whenever an event management center in Dubai handles a celebration, not everybody would necessarily be so happy about it. Especially if, they were to be living in the shadows of a misfortunate event such as a bitter break up. On one side, there are two people who happily in love…

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  • Green event management in Dubai!


    Well it goes without saying that being “green” which is “eco-friendly”, has become one of the hippest trends of the 21st century. Today Dubai is getting on that ship of eco-friendliness, in the event management field, INVENT is leading the initiative, as the green event management company…care to join? Many…

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