• Creative Ways to Promote an Event Online


    Everyone is throwing a party or leading a Corporate Event Management, including you – how are you supposed to stand out in this sea of supposedly spectacular get-togethers? The truth is winning in today's event planning industry is more about how you handle your Corporate Event Management and how you…

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  • Behind many Great Events…is INVENT!

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    Invent Creative & Event Solutions is one of the most renowned Event Management Companies in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in the creation of corporate events and innovative event production solutions as well as being the exclusive events, stage show and live event activation partners for a number of leading international…

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  • 15 Tips to Corporate Family Day Success (Part 2)


    Last week, we went through 8 tips that could help you pull off the perfect Corporate Family Day Management. Here are additional advices that would make your event stand out and be remembered. 9. SOMETHING FOR ALL AGES – WITH OR WITHOUT KIDS? Don’t forget the teenagers! What about an…

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  • 15 Tips to Corporate Family Day Success (Part 1)


    More and more businesses are realizing how important it is to include employees’ families when celebrating a year’s good work. A perfect Corporate Family Day Management shows you are more than staff, you are a team, you are friends, and you are family. 1. PLAN YOUR DAY IN DETAIL From…

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  • 4 Boosts For Your Next Charity Gala Event


    Fundraising through Gala Event Management Dubai is probably one of the most satisfying ways of raising money, but the planning and execution is hard work and can be heavy on resource. That’s why we have to make them pay off and deliver a good return on all that hard work!…

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  • Market Your Special Event like an Expert

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    The right Special Events Management Dubai can ensure you get the largest and most relevant audience for your event. But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there — you want to build a buzz around your event and get your registrants engaged and talking before, during and after the event. Here’s…

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