• Qualities of event organizers: Before, during & always!


    When you’ve decided to put all of your trust in the hands of the event organizers you’ve hired, whether for a corporate meeting, conference, product launch or any other corporate event, then these must exhibit certain qualities in return, not just before or during the event but always! Pre-event, your…

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  • 3 Things we can add to your Corporate Event


    Just like any other decision you’re responsible to make, the decision of choosing the right event planners for your corporate event has to go through the process of researching, comparing, interviewing, probably negotiating and looking for referrals from inside and outside of the company. It’s not strange that this process…

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  • Deciding on the right entertainment for your event


    So we have covered in our previous posts how to find the right event planners for your corporate event, more like what characteristics to look for, what expectations to build and what Invent Creative & Event solutions can add to your events. Today, we cover an important point that follows…

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  • SEVEN elements of a successful launch event


    Whether your launch event is intended for a small gathering or you’re planning for a big exclusive promotion, some basic elements are necessary to be present within your planning and execution of a successful launch event, Dubai or elsewhere. Remember however, you could always use an expert hand and leave…

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  • Have you found the Right Event Planners yet?


    It’s not easy. The right event planners are hard to find everywhere, and the same applies in Dubai. They are better labelled your partners in creating memorable corporate events so this relationship has to be built on mutual trust, understanding and of course creativity and professionalism. As expert event planners…

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  • 5 Things to NEVER do while planning a Corporate Event!


    Are you planning your own corporate event? Then you probably have an idea about the setting, activities and different aspects that you want to include in the event; the food, the list of guests, the entertainment, the venue and so on… However, before taking any decision, you should probably look…

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