• An outdoor #Movember fundraising event?


    This year, take your #Movember fundraising event to the next level! #Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of various cancers, such as prostate cancer. Many charity events are hosted during this time of the year, and the goal…

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  • The 3 Best Reasons to Throw a Year-End Corporate Party


    Corporate parties are a great way to strengthen ties with existing employees, emphasize and showcase company culture and celebrate the accomplishments of your team. Yet, there are 3 main reasons to throw a corporate year-end party: YOUR TEAM HAS EARNED IT. Especially in challenging economic times, your team deserves to…

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  • 5 DIY Halloween Games For A Spooky Party


    Halloween is here! Autumn, pumpkins, ghosts and leaves… everything fall and Halloween! And with it comes the party season with lots of creative decorations and fun-filled tricky games. Planning an amazing Halloween party? Let us give you these 5 DIY Halloween games, or contact us as we always offer you…

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  • The Perfect Event Decoration & Thematics


    1- Pre-décor paperwork Are you planning to do the perfect event decoration & thematics? Then your mind may be full of colorful ideas already. Do not mess up! Every procedure requires a streamline flow or otherwise you’ll end up with the worst event decoration & thematics ever. Take a piece…

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  • Copyright Live Events: Play-Doh fun at Dragonmart 2


    Following many successful years developing mall activations, events, live shows and entertainment concepts based on the popular FREEJ cartoon characters and brand, we have now extended our portfolio to include a number of other characters and global brands. CopyrightLive is a brand of Invent Creative Event Solutions which promotes these…

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  • The Duties of a Successful Hostess


    While most people consider that being a hostess is an easy job, only few know the true difficulty of such profession and the challenges that comes with it. So we decided to highlight the real duties of a successful hostess. 1- An event hostess creates a warm and inviting atmosphere…

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