• Event management for “that wedding”!


    Whenever an event management center in Dubai handles a celebration, not everybody would necessarily be so happy about it. Especially if, they were to be living in the shadows of a misfortunate event such as a bitter break up. On one side, there are two people who happily in love…

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  • Green event management in Dubai!


    Well it goes without saying that being “green” which is “eco-friendly”, has become one of the hippest trends of the 21st century. Today Dubai is getting on that ship of eco-friendliness, in the event management field, INVENT is leading the initiative, as the green event management company…care to join? Many…

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  • 5 Things To Avoid Ruining Your Next Event


    It’s essential that you combine the right teams with the best skills and services to deliver all the integrated elements to exacting standards from initial brief and scoping to concepts, project management and execution. If this does not exist, then your event management agency is not working fine. From venue…

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  • Secret To Successful Award Ceremonies


    It’s kind of hard to prepare a ceremony that grabs everyone’s attention. When it comes to Award Ceremony Management, the organizer should be aware of every detail, since people tend to talk and criticize the small details and forget about the bigger and more important stuff. While organizing a brilliant…

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  • Creative Ways to Promote an Event Online


    Everyone is throwing a party or leading a Corporate Event Management, including you – how are you supposed to stand out in this sea of supposedly spectacular get-togethers? The truth is winning in today's event planning industry is more about how you handle your Corporate Event Management and how you…

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  • Behind many Great Events…is INVENT!

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    Invent Creative & Event Solutions is one of the most renowned Event Management Companies in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in the creation of corporate events and innovative event production solutions as well as being the exclusive events, stage show and live event activation partners for a number of leading international…

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