Managing your next Music Festival in 3 “easy” steps

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1. Know Your Audience 

If you were sitting in your audience, watching your show, what would you want to see/hear? Take a few moments and really think about festivals & parade management.
* Who does your music appeal to?
* What would be the ideal setting for them to really appreciate your music?
* What type of place?
* What size crowd?
* What kind of ambiance?
* Make a list, and the ideal setting will begin to slowly materialize in your mind.

2. Think Like A Pro

When trying to achieve professional festivals & parade management, so think like Pro! This is the time to get your ducks in a row, establish some of your own protocols, BEFORE you approach any venue! So in order to have a successful festivals & parade management, do things like:
* Have an active and ever-growing E-list, using most viable social media platforms and consistently/responsibly posting
* A successful festivals & parade management means offer some give-a-ways tickets to radio stations, chambers of commerce, local bloggers where they can run contests for their listeners/readers
* Offer comp-tickets to the event in exchange for the promotion
* Send the venue professionally appealing posters/framed signs to display at their counter

3. Team With A Venue

When it comes to the venue, professional festivals & parade management, means paying attention to the tiniest details, including logistics.
* Tables/chairs – if this is going to be a sit-down event, and the venue doesn’t have enough, then you’ll have to be proactive about renting them.
* Catering – if your event is going to include a meal, you will have to try to know for sure a few days before, the approximate number of attendees so you don’t get stuck with a big catering bill that eats up your profits.
* Door Ticket Coordinator and an online attendee list, in case someone forgets to bring their ticket to the show. Also, you may get a credit card swiper. Don’t forget to professionally greet your VIPs.
* Set up/Soundcheck – Make sure you do this early in the day (between 2-5pm) so that you are not sound-checking as folks are arriving for your show. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it takes away from the downtime of your preparation.

Don’t forget to have fun with it and don’t get overwhelmed…it gets easier!


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