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How to run a successful PR campaign for your event

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1) CLEARLY DEFINE YOUR GOALS – Even before you begin the planning process it’s imperative to fully understand what you want to achieve to ensure a successful PR event.

It could be a media event to make the press aware of a new product or service available in the marketplace or to raise public awareness of your company or business.

In order to put on a successful PR event, nail down your expected outcome right from the start. Ensure all your event planning ideas are tailored specifically towards your carefully planned goals.

2) THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT REACH – Who is your target audience and what publications do they read? Make sure to target the right journalists and don’t forget to consider using bloggers and even bloggers (video bloggers) to generate online exposure for your PR event.

Remember that, in order to have a successful PR event, it must be newsworthy. Consider why the media wants to write about your event, blog about it or even make a video to interest website visitors.

3) GET NOTICED – One of your main objectives in planning a successful PR event is to make sure that your event stands out from the many PR events that journalists are invited to.

Consider using celebrities (even local celebrities) to up the ante and differentiate your successful PR event from others that may be taking place at the same time. Whether your PR event is a demonstration of a new product or perhaps the launch of a clothing line you need to give the press a solid reason to attend your event over any other event.

4) THEME YOUR PR EVENT CONSISTENTLY – Along with your WOW factor make sure to have a consistent theme that runs throughout everything your do with your PR event. This should include the invites, signage (posters), press materials and follow-up materials, including all promotional materials used on the day of the event.

The theme should form part of your “vision” for your PR event which should be clearly defined in the early stages of planning.

5) GET IT RIGHT FROM THE START – Like it or not you will be judged on the very basic building blocks of planning a successful PR event. Send out a poorly designed and uninspiring invitation and you’ve shot yourself in the foot before you’ve even started!
Be prepared to spend a decent amount on getting a professional and inspiring invitation designed. Make sure to entice your attendees with something that captures their imagination and inspires them to attend your PR event.

6) GET YOUR TIMING RIGHT – There are certain times of the year and particular dates to be avoided when planning a successful PR event. Make sure you’re aware of key dates such as major award ceremonies, fashion weeks and other conflicting events that the media might attend in preference to your PR event.

7) SET AN ADEQUATE BUDGET – Is your intended budget realistic and accurate? Make sure to include all possible expenses in your budget along with some “wiggle room” for the unexpected. Consider a contingency fund of about 10% to err on the side of caution.

Remember to allocate funds for the venue, invites, merchandising (props), marketing materials and don’t forget the cost of a professional photographer. Top quality images will be required by bloggers and the press to promote your cause in a professional and enticing manner.

8) EXPLOIT SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the ideal vehicles through which to spread the word about your PR event. They are easily accessible and immediate and have the potential to make your event go viral.

As well as a Facebook page for your event, create a memorable and simple hashtag for Twitter – it may just send your event trending and explode your exposure!

9) REMEMBER TO FOLLOW UP – It’s absolutely key to follow up with journalists and other attendees after the event. A “goody bag” at the end of your PR event is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their attendance.
Include emailing a professional PRESS RELEASE outlining success factors from the event, along with any other informative materials that can be referenced to help promote your cause further.

These are just some of the essential event planning ideas of how to run a successful PR event just like the pros. Be sure to incorporate them into your event planning checklist going forward in order to maximize your long term ROI.
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