How to Organize Your Opening Event or Launch Event

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First impressions last. If you are a new company, or if you’re launching a new product, your grand opening must be spectacular. It must trigger people’s curiosity and excitement, so they will follow you up to the time that you have already managed a position in the industry.

Grand openings or launch events are not just typical types of events. You need to hire an opening event organizer in Dubai in order to execute it properly. Although do not falter, we’re here to help you out. We, Invent Creative and Event Solutions, are one of the best event management agency in Dubai, and we are known for providing the best corporate parties management, event fabrication solutions, event entertainment supply, and many more.

As an opening event organizer, we are going to give you tips on how you can run a successful opening event or launch event for your company or products which we guarantee are truly effective.

Let’s start off with your goals. Your goals in conducting an opening event should be for the purpose of:

Letting people know about your brand – this is a huge marketing effort and you don’t do this often, more likely just once, so you have to plan meticulously.
To make people feel excited about your business – aside from letting them know about you, you must be able to build a connection with them the moment you introduce yourself to them.
Building relationships within the community and industry – through opening events, you can build relationships with customers and business partners alike. Invite all potential relevant individuals to your opening event and catch their interest in partnering with you.

Now, for the ideas and tips:

1. You can support a cause. Work with a charity that’s aligned with the theme of your business’ goals. Sponsorships, donations, and fundraisings are good ways to let people know how charitable and generous you are.

2. Market your own event. In order for you to reach a vast audience, you can use:

• Local PR – like news, radio, and TV advertising
• Social media – create an account for your company or event and use popular hash tags to be able to be seen by many
• Facebook event – from your Facebook page, create an event and invite all your followers and continually post about your event to let them be aware of it

3. Invite famous people from the past or current trends, to enthrall more people to come to your event.

4. Serve foods and drinks.

5. Have a unique theme.
Opening event or launch event is indeed a crucial time for you to be known, recognized, and positioned in the industry you are in; but with an adequate planning and working with the best event management agency like us, Invent Creative and Event Solutions, you can accomplish this smoothly and successfully.

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