How to have the perfect corporate family day event

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An idea that has originated in the United States and has now spread to countries all over the world; corporate family days are newly organized events by multinational and international companies with the increase in the number of working parents in the current worldwide workforce. It makes sense that businesses in Dubai and around the United Arab Emirates are changing their approach to staff celebrations. There’s nothing that shows appreciation and boosts motivation more than planning a perfect corporate family day event for your staff.

Giving your dedicated employees the opportunity to see their colleagues in a non-working setting is quite enjoyable, especially when an activity is planned to involve your employees and their families too.

With our learned expertise throughout the past years as event managers & coordinators in Dubai, UAE, and with the realization of multiple successful corporate family days for our clients, we’ve come up with several essential elements that need to be present in order to have the perfect corporate family day event.

Firstly, gathering your workforce adds an element of challenge to a corporate family day

Secondly, it’s important to do good research beforehand. You must gather information such as demographics of your employees’ and their family members / children, in order to plan a corporate family day that would be suitable and enjoyable for all. Add to that the division of the right kind of activities that would suit everyone and make them feel involved.

Other than checking the details of your employees (including disabilities) and choosing the most convenient day for them, you need to ensure that the location of your corporate family day event is easily reachable for your staff.

Finally, after assessing all the factors that need to be considered in planning and managing such an event, you may decide to hand over the entire process to an event company. Other than the experience they can add to your corporate family day, they can take pressure off of your internal teams.

Have a look through Invent Creative & Event Solutions portfolio of successful corporate family days organized in Dubai and across the UAE to find your motivation or your inspiration. Don’t ever hesitate to give us a call when your corporate family day needs planning.

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