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How Invent UAE Helped in the Event Planning of the EXPO 2020 Countdown Last Weekend

Oct 25 • Dubai Events • 758 Views • No Comments on How Invent UAE Helped in the Event Planning of the EXPO 2020 Countdown Last Weekend

Last weekend at Burj Park, Downtown, Dubai, the countdown to the most anticipated event in the UAE – the Dubai Expo 2020 – took place. It was a day full of fun and excitement – many enterprises and individuals came to witness the 2-year mark of waiting for the biggest event that will happen in Dubai.

Planning an event as big as the countdown will require a considerable amount of time, effort, and expertise – thankfully, it was a success! And we, Invent Creative and Event Solutions, are one of the companies behind the prosperous countdown to the Dubai Expo 2020 that happened last weekend.

We have given our insights and supplied goods and services that helped in making the event succeed the way it did.

We, Invent Creative and Event Solutions, are a prominent event consultancy in Dubai – we are a recognized brand that helped numerous brands in organizing events. We give services like corporate event management, large-scale events management, event fabrication solutions, and many others.

The countdown is just one of the representations of our unsurpassed professionalism. Even famous brands and events in Dubai are seeking us for help and we take pride in delivering all their requirements seamlessly and successfully.

Our team at Invent Creative and Event Solutions is consist of the best event organizers in Dubai – trained and exposed more than enough to the real deals in the event management field.

Our extensive years of experience and intensive desire of making sure that we give our best in serving our clients are the qualities that make us be recognized in many other industries and brands in the market.

However, our doors are always open to all those who need our help regarding expert advice about organizing a successful event. No matter how small or big your event will be, we will do our best to make sure that you have all that you need – starting from the planning up to the execution of the plans and even during the event itself. We’ll be there by your side all the time, to make sure that no glitch will occur – or if so it happens, we’ll be tending to it immediately.

And we, Invent Creative and Event Solutions, the leading event management agency in Dubai, are ready to take your inquiry, kindly contact us at +971 (04) 427 8118

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