Have you found the Right Event Planners yet?

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It’s not easy. The right event planners are hard to find everywhere, and the same applies in Dubai. They are better labelled your partners in creating memorable corporate events so this relationship has to be built on mutual trust, understanding and of course creativity and professionalism.

As expert event planners in Dubai, Invent Creative & Event Solutions UAE has gathered the most important characteristics you need to look for while hiring the right event planners for your corporate and even personal events.

Like any other service provider; be it your insurance provider or your hairdresser, a certain degree of personal interaction is a must. In other words, if you like the person handling your event planning, then you are more likely to get the event done smoothly. On the other hand, if you don’t like your event planner then things could become disastrous.

Think about it from a relationship point of view. The basics that make any relationship successful are trust, dedication (time), energy, compatible personality (by that we don’t mean similar just someone that’s right for handling you and the event itself). Imagine hiring event planners that never answer your phone call or ignore your emails! That would be hectic!

So how do you know if an event planner is the perfect match for you?

-Recommendations. Ask your friends, your co-workers, your family about their experiences. They could save you a lot of effort and minimize the risk of ruining this partnership

-Budget. If you’re looking for peace of mind, you might be willing to pay some extra money. It’s true that a professional service with good reputation will cost you more but it will bring you peace and a guaranteed success.

-Online. Go online and do your own research. You can get tons of reviews and recommendations from trusted sources on the internet and even using social media websites or discussion forms

-Face-to-face meetings. Do not jump into the first event management company you find. Take your time to conduct face-to-face meetings with different event planners and ask specific questions to figure out their compatibility with this job.

Looking for the right event planners to handle your corporate events in Dubai? Save yourself some headaches and acquire about Invent creative & event solutions; your ultimate destination for an efficient and effective corporate event management.

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