From Distraction to Interaction: Keeping Attendees Engaged

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Some event organizers are campaigning to have mobile devices banned from events due to distraction. Rather than being frightened by the chance of distraction, why not find a way to make the most of it? Keep your attendees engaged both in person and on mobile with these 3 tips for interaction.

Live Polling & Results Display

An effective engagement strategy is to ask the audience a question during a general meeting or breakout session. The challenge is that not everyone is comfortable with raising their hand and providing their insight in front of an audience. The solution: live polling. Live polling via an event app is a great way to sustain the audience’s attention to the session content. Asking a simple question such as “What country are you from?” will stimulate interest and further interaction. As participants make their selections via the meeting app, results can be streamed in real-time to an on-stage display. Why display the results on the stage? It will redirect a participant’s eyes from their mobile device back to the stage.


Since games are the most frequently downloaded apps, there is an obvious application to meetings and events. Scavenger Hunt is an ideal way to get people talking to one another. A list of activities to perform, objects to seek and people to meet is contained within the meeting app. Each item on the list can have an associated QR code that specifies the item and the point value. During the quest, you scan the QR code and thus awarded points with the highest scoring gaining recognition.

Matchmaking & One-to-One Meetings

At one time or another we have all left an event only to find out that we missed an opportunity to connect with an unknown influential contact.

By capturing attendee’s interests during the initial registration process, a meeting app can “match” attendees with similar interests. Attendees can then facilitate the scheduling of a face-to-face connection via the mobile app.

How does it work? An attendee can securely request a meeting with another attendee directly from the meeting app. Time, place and discussion topic can be specified in the request. Upon receipt of the request, the other attendee can accept or decline the invitation. Upon acceptance, the one-to-one meeting is placed on each participant’s calendar to avoid conflicts with the official event agenda.

In conclusion, the point is to not fear technology, but embrace it. Invent Creative & Event Solutions is a Leading Corporate Events Management Company. We are a comprehensive, full service, corporate events management, production and consulting company, specialized in the creation of corporate events and innovative event production solutions.


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