Four Insanely Simple Tips To Improve Your Next Conference

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There’s no getting away from it, conference management in Dubai is complicated and can sometimes be hectic. So many things to consider and often not a lot of time. So there are five really simple things we use that will have a huge impact on the experience of your attendees.

Improve the Usability of Your Name Badges

Why do you give people name badges at events and why are they useful to attendees? A good conference management in Dubai could probably answer these questions! It’s probably to make sure you’ve got no freeloaders and to help them remember the name of someone they’ve forgotten or to spot people they’d like to speak to. Yet the badges at most events are tiny, with minuscule fonts that might be on brand but are a nightmare to read at distance; therefore we take a different approach, that seems to work well for us.

Programme More breaks

Our team of conference management in Dubai struggled with this one over the years, but we finally figured it out! We finally understood that the opportunity to network was one of the main reasons people attended our events. So we made more time for that exactly.

Having healthy breaks does mean when a speaker inevitably runs over time, there is still plenty of time for attendees to stock up on caffeine, fresh air and industry gossip.

Arrange More Power Sockets

As specialists in conference management in Dubai, we can spot who the conference veteran is. They are the first person in the auditorium scoping out the seat nearest a power socket. They will even get charging early in the day to ensure their fully juiced for the whole day.

The reality is at most events your audience will be spending time on their mobile, tablet and/or phone. They will want power to keep them charged.

Schedule Tweets to Pre-empt Problems

There are certain problems we know we are going to have at our events. People arrive early, they can’t find the wifi password or they’re running out of battery and looking for a charger.
We do expect these things ahead of an event so we schedule tweets covering these issues exactly.
It leaves us the time to concentrate on other important issues and allows people on the back-channel to answer their own questions.

Utilizing Conference Management in Dubai and the entire UAE; we tend to plan and execute your concerned event providing you with every part and parcel of the conference management phase. Our trained management team and conference organizers will make sure that your event plan works as an added value using latest technologies in the field, organized conference management techniques, and creativity.


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