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Five Brilliant Ideas for Parade Giveaways

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Participating in a parade Dubai creates community awareness of your business. It has become traditional for parade participants to throw beads, bracelets or other light objects to those watching. You can increase the exposure of your business with parade Dubai giveaways, and with a little creativity, you don’t have to stick with beads. Keep your business name on the giveaway by offering the crowd creative promotional materials such as branded flags and souvenir.


Use the seasons as inspiration for your giveaways. Spring could be baseball caps because that’s when the season starts. Paper pleated fans are cheap when bought in bulk, and they bring to mind lazy days of summer. Autumn days could be silk flowers such as marigolds or chrysanthemums. Warm up winter parade Dubai viewers by tossing out gloves, mittens or hats.


If you put your mind to it, you could come up with a holiday and giveaway for every month of the year. January is the beginning of the New Year, so consider calendars. February is Valentine’s Day, so use hearts. March brings to mind Mother’s Day and spring so how about some flowers during parade Dubai?

Candy and Snacks

Wrapped candy is a classic for parade Dubai giveaways. Put your company’s logo on the wrapper. Instead of throwing the candy from the parade float, have helpers hand it out to parade-goers standing nearby. Snack packages of pretzels, peanuts or potato chips from a private label manufacturer is an idea for groceries, drug stores or restaurants — especially if you print a voucher on the package that people can bring in for a free sample, drink or dessert.


If your company has a mascot, have it created as a small stuffed toy for parade Dubai. This idea works for sports team mascots as well. Imprint your business logo on a squeeze ball, flying disk or other toy that fits in with your company.


Coupons bring in customers to your business. Have employees walk beside the parade Dubai float and hand them out. You also can roll the coupons into a cylinder and wrap them with ribbon or a rubber band.

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