Festive Season Corporate Event Management

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Now that the festive season is almost here, you are probably looking for unique a corporate event management and mesmerizing holiday party themes. This week, we present “Christmas Around the World” theme.

The holidays are celebrated across the globe. So why don’t you take a trip around the world with an international food-themed holiday party.

Menu: For a perfect corporate event management, the best way is to incorporate multiple countries is by creating a series of food stations based on different cuisine served around the world. For example, you could set up a Spanish station, serving dishes like tapas and paella, a Moroccan station, serving tagines, a Thai station, serving Pad Thai and spring rolls, and a German station, serving bratwurst, sauerkraut and roasted chicken.

Décor: For a professional corporate event management, you will have to do a small study on every country that celebrates Christmas to understand these countries’ own traditional decorations. Do a research on the background of your employees and integrate their nationalities’ traditional holiday décor into the décor around the venue for a proficient corporate event management.

Tables’ capes: We suggest naming each table after a country, for example, a Swedish table, a Japanese table, an Indian table, a Brazilian table, etc. Along with the nametag displaying the table’s country name, consider incorporating some elements of that country into the decorations and the design of the tables’ capes to show an ultimate corporate event management.

Entertainment: If you have the resources, consider hiring entertainment acts that specialize in a specific country’s music or dance.

Such a skilled corporate event management, will engage the attendees and keep them thirsting for more each year. “Christmas Around the World” can unite different employees from different nationalities, because after all, this is the real Christmas spirit, spreading joy and love across the globe.

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