Festival and Carnival Management; where it’s all about the attraction

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Photo Credit – Saltimbanco Italiano – A leader in festival and carnival entertainment
Festivals play a big role in attracting tourism from around the world towards Dubai. Amongst the many events in Dubai, some festivals are exclusive to Dubai and event management companies in Dubai put in extra effort to make sure that these festivals showcase not only the modernization of Dubai but also the traditional and cultural aspects as well.
Event management Dubai for festivals is very different from corporate event management Dubai or private events. Festivals are always organized by major government bodies, event organizers UAE and entertainment companies on a large scale with detailed event décor and thematics. The event company UAE puts together a detailed plan and outlines specific elements of a festival’s occasion to help towards the planning process. Unlike corporate event management UAE, festivals can be organized for almost any special occasion, however, some of the renowned and major festivals which have been arranged in Dubai are, The Dubai shopping festival, Dubai Summer surprises festival and Eid in Dubai along with many others.  With a design team in-house and working very closely with the event company fabrication and production partners, the event company UAE can work on almost all areas for cost-effective results, including but not limited to, event concept, event creation, event design, event decoration, event decoration fabrication, event entertainment booking, event planning, event coordination,  event logictics and much more. Everything ranging from the concept creation to the production and  event execution arrangements is managed by our event company UAE.


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