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Event Management Ideas and Activities That You Can Do This Ramadan!

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The day for the start of Ramadan is still vague but the preparations are already heightened. Individuals, businessmen, and even an event management agency are taking note of all the things that should be and should not be emphasized in this season.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual replenishment – a month of faithful fast and renewal of faith and heart of all our Muslim friends all over the world. To respect their traditions, we, non-Muslims, follow etiquettes to show our support and regard to their customs.

Moreover, if you are planning to organize an event for Ramadan season, we, Invent Creative and Event Solutions can help you with all your preparations. If you search for ‘event management companies near me’, for sure our brand name will be shown because we are one of the trusted event management companies in the UAE. We are known for giving the best corporate event management, large-scale events management, corporate family day event, and many more. With our help, rest assured that your event will run smoothly and you will be able to get the most out of it.

Here are some tips that can apply to your Ramadan-related event:

The Basics

First, you need to take note of the number of attendees, the date when you want to push it through, the theme, the venue, catering services, and your budget. You need to have a meeting with your team to discuss all the aforementioned key points so everything will be organized. If you are going to book anything at all, make sure to do it weeks prior to the event date to make sure there will be no conflict whatsoever.


You should work with a supplier to give you all kinds of classy and Ramadan-themed decorations like Ramadan lights, Majlis, Marquee, and Arches. These decorations can surely give authentic spirit and atmosphere of Ramadan to your event place.

Event Set Up

You should also make sure that your event set up is in place – including the lighting, LED screens, sound system, stage, backdrop, Photography or Videography men, registration desk, catering, and sitting set up.

Of course, you would never want your guest to feel bored; hence, you need to entertain them with something related to Ramadan as well.

• Ramadan Pictures Painting
• Islamic Influencer for a Speaker
• Ayala Dancers
• Sand Artists
• Arabian Stage Shows
• Themed Photo Booth


You can also organize activities that your guests can participate in to make sure that they are enjoying the event like:

• Henna Painting
• Calligraphy workshops
• Graffiti Walls
• Handicrafts
Remember that you should maintain the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan and to just let your guests enjoy the day. You can contact us anytime for assistance and help. At Invent Creative and Event Solutions, we will help you with all your event management needs.



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