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Essential guide to Event Planning, Dubai, UAE

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If you’re planning on creating an event, as leading corporate event management agency in Dubai, UAE, here’s a small guide on the basic process of what you need to do. It is not exhaustive we couldn’t possibly share all our trade secrets with you, wink wink!

Firstly you need to establish what type of event you’re planning – Whether it is a large-scale event, a gala dinner, a launch or promotion or even a conference.

Once you’ve determined what type of event you’re planning, write down your vision for the event and with each idea you have written, begin to formulate a plan to bring those ideas to life.

You could consider making a storyboard with photos and visual stigma to assist you with determining everything you will need.

Prepare a budget. You need to determine the perspective cost of the entire event and all the elements which make up the event, this will include all aspects such as the venue, decoration, food and beverage, branding and signage, invitations, decoration, stage light and sound and much more – make sure not to underestimate the costs of these two factors and be sure to contact the specialists in each area of the services you require. As a leading corporate event management agency in Dubai, UAE, we provide all these services turnkey and many more.

Create a timeline that allows you to work with the items that require the most amount of time first. You then need to create a critical path checklist that works alongside your timelines, list every detail down set deadlines and assign owners of the tasks and tick them off as they are completed.

On the event day make sure your well prepared and organized to ensure all the elements planned come together to create the experience you envisioned, most of all enjoy!

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