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Different Ramadan or Eid Event Management Ideas that You Can Do in your Workplace

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During the month of Ramadan, companies and establishments organize Iftaar or Suhoor for the sake of celebrating Ramadan or Eid. And if you haven’t yet, now is the time to call your trusted event management agency to help you in organizing such an event for your workplace.

At Invent Creative and Event Solutions, we can help you with all your event handling procedures. We can assist you from the planning up to the execution of all the plans that you want and we agreed upon. We are considered to be one of the leading event organizers in Dubai. We specialize in managing all kinds of events like corporate events, copyright live events, galas, launches, promotions, and many others. We have already worked with local and international clients within our years of service in the market – this becomes our edge from the rest of the competition alongside being an internationally acclaimed event organizer in the UAE.

This month, however, if you are planning to establish a Ramadan or Eid event in your workplace, here are some of the tips that we can share with you:

Advise your staffs about the event weeks before your target date of the event.

  • This can help you and your staffs to have numerous brainstorming before the event itself. Of course, everyone knows about Ramadan and they can pitch in all their suggestions and ideas to make the event more fun and exciting for all the attendees.

Reserve your venue first.

  • You should know where the event will take place and everything else will follow – the decorations, the theme, the equipment, the food catering service, etc. If you want to do it outside your company establishment, make sure to reserve your preferred venue as soon as possible, thinking of the probability that other companies are doing the same thing as you.

Share it – advertise it!

  • You can create an article about your event and post it on your social media sites and website so to let others know about it and attend your event if they want. This can actually add traffic to your website, expand your reach, and be exposed to different people.

Don’t forget the gifts!

Since the Holy Month of Ramadan is all about caring, sharing, and celebrating – it is advisable if you prepare gifts for your guests and attendees. Hosting events like this is a good experience to have a memorable time with your corporate family.

Ask a professional help, if needed.

You can always come to us for help at Invent Creative and Event Solutions to guide you in all your event planning and execution. As one of the most trusted event management companies, it is our duty to provide you with effective stratagems and methods to make your event a successful and unforgettable one.





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