Creative Ways to Promote an Event Online

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Everyone is throwing a party or leading a Corporate Event Management, including you – how are you supposed to stand out in this sea of supposedly spectacular get-togethers?

The truth is winning in today’s event planning industry is more about how you handle your Corporate Event Management and how you market the event itself. Here are a few creative ways to do it.

1- Create Your Own Hashtag
You already know that you need to brand your business, but your event needs smart Corporate Event Management that provides branding too. Your audience can search using the hashtag to find all the posts (and therefore all the event information).

2- Use Video
Videos make significant impact. Experts estimate that by 2018, video will comprise a massive 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic.
Capitalize on this growing trend for a proficient Corporate Event Management and an effective branding, as videos that both interest and excite your target audience.

3- Publicly Invite Industry Influencers
You can invite an industry expert to your event in private as part of your Corporate Event Management. Send them a public invite say via Twitter (including your proprietary hashtag, of course), and you’ll gain notice via those users’ audiences whether or not they decide to come.

4- Run a Contest
Design a contest giving away free tickets to your next event, and you’ve craftily combined marketing and some pretty effective host/guest goodwill.

5- Utilize Local SEO
Local SEO is the next step up. By adding in geographically specific tags such as zip codes, city names, venue, and so forth, you’re getting the word out to the people for whom your event may matter most: the locals.


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