Corporate gift ideas for Event Planners

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As a leading Event Management Company in Dubai, we always keep your interest on top of our list! Take a couple of minutes to check this article that includes some corporate gift ideas for Event Planners in UAE.

Promotional products are perhaps some of the most popular corporate gifts. It probably wouldn’t surprise many to learn that the branded pen is the most relied upon business gift in the corporate world. While a pen is certainly practical and useful, so are a number of other more interesting or creative business and corporate gifts.

When it comes to giving promotional items as a corporate gift, it’s important to keep them simple and conventional.
Give business gifts that people will use: A tote bag, an umbrella, a scarf, a blanket…these are all everyday items that people use regularly and generally cannot get enough of. Make these everyday items beautiful and they will be much more appreciated as a business that is more of the same. While a less practical item like an ornate vase may seem like a more standout gift, it is more likely to sit forgotten at the back of a cupboard.

Imprint designs and themes relevant to the event: When you’re looking for gifts to give to the guests at your corporate event, you should be looking for gift options that you can customize with the company’s logo, the event name, or even the something symbolic of the overarching theme of the event.

The key is to get a design that accomplishes that goal without being overly promotional. Designs with relevant logos, paintings, or symbols are a great way to evoke a concept without spelling it out. A corporate business gift design for a lawyer’s association, for instance, might feature justice scales.

You might even consider featuring a cityscape of the conference location.

But Limit the Use of brand messages and corporate logos: Whether you go with full-out promotional branding will depend on the corporate business gift you select. Depending on the item, branding can compromise the appeal of the gift. Tote bags are a great opportunity to promote future events, for instance, but branding is not a good idea for a print that people will put on their wall.

Balance corporate gifts with originality and taste: When it comes to creative corporate gifts, it is important to be original, but the design should also appeal to a wide audience of people. It is best to get something that is not too unusual, but still unique. For example, if you were to choose a wild art deco style print for a blanket, it is likely not to match with everyone’s décor. That said, you don’t have to be too safe. Stay away from too much black, brown, and gray. Don’t be afraid of a little color.

Hire a specialty promotional products supplier: Some promotional product suppliers are mainly focused on traditional branding techniques and will be less equipped to assist you with brainstorming unique or creative corporate gift designs and ideas.

Offer different variations: Feature the gift in different prints or colors, for instance, so that guests can specify their preference for a particular color or design.

If you’re hoping for a really interesting corporate gift, be sure to find a supplier that is qualified and equipped to work with you. When planning a unique gift design, also be sure to consider minor additions that can add values such as the artist’s signature.

Corporate gift ideas for all budgets: In the end, your creativity in choosing for designing a creative corporate gift will always be limited by the number of event guests you are planning for and your event budget. Before starting your gift search, be sure that you know the quantity you need of each type of gift and the total budget you’re working with. Here are some corporate and business gift ideas that can fit every budget.

Event Planning is more than a business to us; it’s a philosophy of spreading happiness around through Event Management in Dubai.

We promise to give you many more interesting ideas about Event Planning, stay good and don’t forget to stop by when you’re close by in Dubai, for the outstanding Event Management you deserve to get!

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