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Classification of Events

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Looking for corporate event planning services in Dubai? Search no more because we are here to help you. As one of the best, we are known to deploy events with excellent qualities and professional event production solutions that a lot of companies are seeking for. Leading in most corporate event management companies, we are sure to provide the kind of event solutions you want.

In planning for a corporate event, you should know first what ‘kind’ or ‘type’ of event you are going to arrange. There are a lot of types of events, that’s why you need to think about this thoroughly. That is why we will discuss the three main classifications of events for you, to help you know which type you are going to organize, and with that, the list of your needs for the event will follow.


Families, individuals and organizations book for events such as this. This kind of event is for people who only have a certain guest list and they do not wish to open the event to the public. This can be time-consuming for they may organize this event themselves but also very secluded, which is good for the people’s privacy.

Private events are used by businesses, schools or manufacturers; and they book for a suitable event place to prepare and push through with this.


This kind of event is purposely for a business’ promotion for a company and their brands. This event has objectives that companies need to reach, management functions, and corporate communications, to help improve the company’s business procedures which can also increase the profitability of income, partnerships, relationships to other companies, leads, and expansion of reach.

Corporate events are used by businesses to create a corporate brand or image, solicit new business and to retain or build loyalty with all their suppliers and customers.

Conferences, meetings, product launches, seminars, networking events, business dinners and team building exercises are some of the activities that encompass a corporate event.


This event is for the purpose of raising money for a charity of your choice. Charity events may sometimes look for sponsors to partake in their event. This can also be beneficial to companies, because sponsoring makes them visible to all the attendees of the fundraising event, thus, expanding their reach through this. Picking a worthy charitable event that levels your company’s vision can contribute to your goodwill and it can grow your contacts and build relationships to the public community. This is an example of low-cost marketing and promotion of your own business because of the exposure that a non-profitable institution can give you through this.

Society balls, sports events and charitable auctions are some activities that you can do in this classification of event.

Now that you have seen the three main classification of events, you can now visualize vividly what type of event you want to organize, what are the things you need and who can you call for help – us. As one of the most reputable corporate event management companies, we can assist you and help you organize any type of event that you require.

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