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    Characteristics of Event Management Companies

    Feb 28, 18 • 435 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    Event managers spend ample time to become successful – some are born with the skills, but some work hard to become one. Event management companies are giving their best in all the projects they do because they want their clients to have a successful event...

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    How to become an effective event manager

    Jan 18, 18 • 395 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    We, at Invent Creative & Event Solutions, are renowned for being one of the best event management companies in Dubai. We have intensive skills in creating corporate events and productions tools. With our years of experience, we’ve become the leading...

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    Outstanding Event Management in Dubai

    Dec 30, 17 • 409 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    Have you ever thought about your unique premise as a professional event planner? What are you differently putting on the table? Allow us as a leading Business Event Organizer in Dubai with an extensive experience in the field of event management, to uncover...

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    7 tips for Corporate Family Day Planners

    Nov 15, 17 • 389 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    As a highly-involved Event Management Company in UAE we saw those useful tips about Corporate Fun Days and decided to share them with you. 1. Create a warm welcome and easy arrival Before the guests even arrive at your event, make sure they are ready. Sending...

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    Spooky Halloween Event Ideas!

    Nov 1, 17 • 653 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    It’s that time of the year where being scary and spooky is favorable, it’s Halloween time. Therefore, as a leading Event Management Company in Dubai we decided to help you out with some beautifully spooky ides for your Halloween Event Management! Dark...

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    How to run a successful PR campaign for your event

    Oct 24, 17 • 547 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    This amazing article caught our eye as a leading Event Management Company in Dubai so, we decided to share it with you! 1) CLEARLY DEFINE YOUR GOALS – Even before you begin the planning process it’s imperative to fully understand what you want to...