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    Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Families

    Apr 18, 17 • 523 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Yes, Easter egg hunts are a tradition that should not be skipped, simply because it’s too much fun when smartly planned on a corporate family day management. But if you get a little creative and upgrade your Easter egg hunt during your corporate family day...

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    4 Biggest Corporate Event Management Trends

    Apr 10, 17 • 646 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    As time passes by, corporate event management experts realize the trends are in constant evolution. What used to be flattering 5 years ago, doesn’t have the same charming effect nowadays, if you’re seeking the perfect corporate event management. Here is a...

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    How to Plan an Old-Fashioned Picnic

    Feb 13, 17 • 627 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Sunny days should be about lazy afternoons in nature: nibbling on finger foods, netting butterflies, collecting wildflowers or whacking a few softballs across a makeshift diamond. Plan an old-fashioned picnic as part of your corporate family day management,...

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    The Big Thank You

    Feb 2, 17 • 729 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    The number one asset within your business is your people, so why not make sure they feel valued and appreciated? A perfect corporate event management is an assured way to maintaining high motivation levels and retaining the best people for a long term...

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    Corporate Family Day Ideas To Motivate Your Staff

    Jan 18, 17 • 853 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Corporate family fun days have become increasingly popular. These events are often used not only to reward staff for their hard work but as a team building opportunity for staff and a thank you to their supporting families. The following are some corporate...

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    Excitement at Dubai Marina Mall Play Zone

    Dec 29, 16 • 767 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Now that the vacation mode is on and the pleasant weather is here, kids can finally come out to play. Play Zone at Dubai Marina mall is now open from 1pm to 9pm every day till the 7th January 2017 on the Marina Promenade below the water fountains. Enjoy the...