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Can we call Event Organizers Project Managers?

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As leading event organizers in Dubai, UAE, our main goal for any corporate event management project is to deliver outstanding results for our clients. However, from an attendee’s point of view, “outstanding” means “everything coming together effortlessly”. It has been proven that the best of all events are the ones that appear effortless to the guest. This appearance comes from hours of relentless planning, teamwork, brainstorming, rushing….and a whole lot of managing.

It’s true. Event organizers are, for the biggest part, project managers too.

Your event is our big project; we approach it the way a project manager would and that by applying clear steps in the planning process. After all, an event has a starting and ending date, a team of professionals working on it and different uniquely distributed roles to achieve the event’s success.

We’ll show you now with these following steps why we call ourselves event organizers and project managers. First, we identify your event. By that we mean determining the project goals, setting its constraints and limitations such as budget, identifying team members and stakeholders and assigning unique tasks. Second, the event organizers set deadlines and milestones such as public announcement of your event, the submission of down payments and so on…
Afterwards, planning communication is essential as this would be an on-going step. In-person meetings, conferences, digital communication are all important to keep the lines of communication open internally and externally for a better team involvement.

Just like project managers use Gantt charts to keep track of their projects, we also use technology to keep track of our tasks and make sure everything gets delivered on time and on spot. Other than team management and time management, event organizers should exhibit high flexibility, confidence, empowerment, decisiveness and a variety of other needed skills.

As such, event organizers are just like project managers, working to make your event simpler and more successful. If you’re looking for special “effortless-looking” events, you can always reach out to Invent Creative & Event Solutions Dubai, the event organizers/project managers of choice across the UAE!

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