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    How to Organize Your Opening Event or Launch Event

    Feb 17, 18 • 39 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    First impressions last. If you are a new company, or if you’re launching a new product, your grand opening must be spectacular. It must trigger people’s curiosity and excitement, so they will follow you up to the time that you have already managed a...

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    5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Parties

    Feb 6, 18 • 156 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Organizing a corporate event might cost too much and it requires a lot of effort – so, why do you think you should do it in your company? Work can be stressful sometimes, it drains energy, and it becomes too much when not handled properly. Do you really...

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    Simple Guidelines on Seminar Planning

    Jan 31, 18 • 159 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Are you planning to conduct a seminar for a corporate audience? Well then, these guidelines that we have prepared are perfect for you. Seminars must be done meticulously especially if you are doing for the purpose of your business and your business partners....

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    5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Corporate Event

    Jan 27, 18 • 170 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    There are a lot of mistakes to avoid, actually, but these are the top five. Corporate events are crucial for your company, so appropriate planning must be implemented. Such events reinforce your brand and help in the launching of new products in the market....

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    How to become an effective event manager

    Jan 18, 18 • 201 Views • Event ManagementNo Comments

    We, at Invent Creative & Event Solutions, are renowned for being one of the best event management companies in Dubai. We have intensive skills in creating corporate events and productions tools. With our years of experience, we’ve become the leading...

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    Classification of Events

    Jan 8, 18 • 224 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Looking for corporate event planning services in Dubai? Search no more because we are here to help you. As one of the best, we are known to deploy events with excellent qualities and professional event production solutions that a lot of companies are seeking...