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Planning a corporate event requires organizers to book facilities, arrange decorations, and provide enough seating for attendees. However, the most difficult step in planning a corporate event involves selecting the food to serve hungry guests. As a leading corporate event management agency Dubai, UAE we know all about the decisions required for sound food choice.  You have to consider the size of the crowd, length of the event, and the facility’s food preparation capability.  In addition, corporate event planners Dubai, UAE have to decide on the types of food to offer hungry attendees. Formal events require more elaborate dishes served in a sit down format, while informal events typically present food on self-service tables. For any occasion, you want attention-grabbing food to serve at your next corporate event.

Shrimp Cocktail

Succulent chilled shrimp rarely disappoints corporate event attendees. The shrimp is easy to serve by placing colored toothpicks and stylish napkins on the buffet table for self-service. You grab the attention of event attendees by placing the shrimp tails around the edges of a large ornate fountain. Many culinarians have the skills to create ice sculptures that tower over neatly set shrimp on a bed of shaved ice. You can expect an ice sculpture to turn heads the moment guests walk into a corporate event.

Fruit Basket

Corporate events can last throughout the day, and as a leading corporate event management agency Dubai, UAE we know all about it and it means event organizers Dubai, UAE must plan for more than one meal service at the event. An attention grabbing food idea that works great for breakfast service involves arranging several different types of fruit inside of a stylish basket.  Different colored fruit such as ripe bananas, oranges, and red apples enhance the ambiance of a breakfast display. Fruit baskets also grab the attention of corporate event attendees because of the nutritional appeal.

Wok This Way

When you walk into a room and hear the sizzle of a wok, you immediately scan the room to see where wok is cooking the attention-grabbing food that emits alluring aromas. Food cooked in woks not only grabs your attention for the sizzle and dazzling aromas, woks captivate people through the culinary skills displayed by wok chefs. A corporate event comes alive when a demonstrative wok chef chops, dices, and flips attention -grabbing food for attendees to see.

Carving Station

The combination of bright lights and the prominent space taken up by a carving station instantly grabs the attention of corporate event guests as a leading corporate event management agency Dubai, UAE we also know all about this. The guests immediately see the carving chef hunched over a fresh cut of beef and make their way towards the carving station. Once they arrive for slices of juicy prime rib or pork loin, your guests cannot take their eyes off the imminent feat. There is a reason why carving stations lines are long at corporate events. You enhance the visual appeal of the carving station by hanging multi-colored lights and velvet tapestry

Layered Cake

When it is time for dessert, grab the attention of corporate event guests by carting in a large multi-layered cake. The size of the cakes immediately grabs the attention of attendees of the even, but the highly decorative additions to the cake cinches the attention-grabbing deal. You can roll out other desert carts, but your guests will only pay attention to the layered cake that they want to devour.

Choosing attention-grabbing foods to serve at your next corporate event does not require an advanced degree. Simply select the foods that provide visual, aromatic, and most of all, flavor appeal.

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