An incredible audio visual touring stage show by Invent Creative Event Solutions

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Maybe a look back at audio-visual performance would tell much about a real evolution that has took place for a beginning of an era of technological craze. Electronic music has always had something of an image problem in the past. Producers like were hovering over their laptops and knob-fiddling DJs get boring to look at pretty quickly, which is where visual production has arisen to fill the gap.


As budgets also increased, musicians and DJs are tending to incorporate some visual element to their shows. Things have come a long way since 70s, when a washing up bowl, some pretty noxious (now illegal) liquids and an overhead projector could create a whirling miasma to accompany or simulate the effects of the psychedelic experience. These days the artistic and technological boundaries have been broadened immeasurably.


These days it’s amazing just how much can be done with a single laptop in terms of graphical processing power, and visual artists have been able to warp 3D projections onto screens limited only by imagination. We are no longer restricted by the square form of the screen as video mapping has allowed us to wrap the image around objects with depth, imbuing old buildings with a living, breathing rhythm in time with the music. The audience can be transported by a visual show at any touring stage show to incredible settings, both more real and more fantastic.


In such a wildly creative field many techniques exist, from old school lighting rigs and lasers, to 3D projection mapping, to newer advances in LED screen technology and pixel mapping. The methods may vary from show to show, but the resulting effect is to elevate the sensory experience of the audience.


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