5 Things to NEVER do while planning a Corporate Event!

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Are you planning your own corporate event? Then you probably have an idea about the setting, activities and different aspects that you want to include in the event; the food, the list of guests, the entertainment, the venue and so on…

However, before taking any decision, you should probably look into the following “Don’ts”, meaning the things you should never ever do if you’re planning for a perfect corporate event.

First and foremost, you should never choose to have a corporate event at a wrong date. What do we mean by a wrong or bad date? Well, imagine you’re throwing an awesome event to several employees who have a big presentation the following day! That would suck for both: you and them. That’s why, always pick a time that’s good for everyone.

Second, before planning any detail, consider your venue carefully. By that, we intend to tell you the following: Never Ever have the event in your office. A corporate event is intended to be fun. Since your office is for work, you should enjoy your event somewhere else.

Another big screaming “No” while planning for the perfect corporate event is asking your clients, employees and guests for money at the door. If you’re throwing this event to appreciate your clients, to entertain your employees and impress your guests, you should never charge them for admission!

The 4th thing to never do when planning your own corporate event is to put unwanted guests on your list. For example, inviting recently fired employees is definitely a bad idea.

Finally, the last thing to never do is to keep acting like a boss outside of the office. You might sure be the manager in the office, but it doesn’t hurt to loosen up and have some fun at your own event as well. Grab this opportunity to show another side of you; your sense of humor for example.

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