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4 Biggest Corporate Event Management Trends

Apr 10 • Corporate Events • 881 Views • No Comments on 4 Biggest Corporate Event Management Trends

As time passes by, corporate event management experts realize the trends are in constant evolution. What used to be flattering 5 years ago, doesn’t have the same charming effect nowadays, if you’re seeking the perfect corporate event management.

Here is a list of the changes that corporate event management professionals have been noticing in the last couple of years:

1. “Niche” is the new black for events.
From events focused on smaller niche audiences to sub-events or tracks focused on select attendees to smaller sessions and audience sizes, corporate event management that are micro-focused will start gaining more momentum as attendees want more personalized experiences and seek out more intimate settings to learn and connect.

2. More “head up” tech … less “head down” tech.
Corporate event management pros may not be able to completely stop people using their smartphones, we started to see lots more “heads up” tech, like large-scale interactive games where smartphones are merely the controllers. Or broadcasting polls and crowd-streaming content (using content shared live via social media) on overhead screens (again, where smartphones only supply the content). Basically, anything to get people to look up and attend to the subject at hand and not their Twitter feed.

3. More leisure activities built into the schedule.
In 2016, we saw more and more events incorporating leisure activities into the schedule, and 2017, we began to see this trend blossom even more. This is a very good thing, as these interludes not only provide “brain breaks” for attendees but also give them a chance to interact with each other in more relaxed environments where they can recharge.

4. Look for experiential moments sprinkled throughout events.
In 2017, corporate event management experts prepared for more touch-see-taste-and-feel experiences sprinkled throughout the venue. Like innovative breakout areas and lounges, creative lighting and staging, food and beverage tastings and haute cuisine offerings, in addition to innovative giveaways and digital swag bags.


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