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    10 Dos and Don’ts When Planning a Summer Festival (part 1)

    Feb 28, 17 • 783 Views • Festivals and Parades ManagementNo Comments

    Summer Festivals can be a wonderful way to bring a community together for fun, sun, music and arts. However, having the perfect festivals & parade management for these large-scale events can be a complicated process. Here we have a few do’s and don’ts...

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    Six Ways To Overhaul Award Ceremonies

    Feb 16, 17 • 772 Views • Award CeremoniesNo Comments

    Here a 6 ways to renovate the entire award ceremonies management experience. This is far from a complete list, but these ideas will help you make some significant improvements in your next award ceremonies management. 1. Don’t Cram All The Awards Together...

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    How to Plan an Old-Fashioned Picnic

    Feb 13, 17 • 738 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    Sunny days should be about lazy afternoons in nature: nibbling on finger foods, netting butterflies, collecting wildflowers or whacking a few softballs across a makeshift diamond. Plan an old-fashioned picnic as part of your corporate family day management,...

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    The Big Thank You

    Feb 2, 17 • 862 Views • Corporate EventsNo Comments

    The number one asset within your business is your people, so why not make sure they feel valued and appreciated? A perfect corporate event management is an assured way to maintaining high motivation levels and retaining the best people for a long term...