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20 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event

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Clients often ask for some corporate event entertainment supply; thus we offer you this list that could definitely take your event to the next level. Comedians, magicians and vocal impersonators are so much fun, but you need a brand new corporate event entertainment supply

1. Strolling juggler who can mingle through the cocktail hour.
2. stilt walker to make a big announcement for your company.
3. Clown is a great option for events with children or families.
4. Reality TV stars to interact with guests.
5. Symphony orchestra if you have the space required.
6. DJ who plays only requested songs or songs from a certain era such as the 80’s
7. Break dancers can be lots of fun as your corporate event entertainment supply
8. A Mariachi band for some festive music.
9. Steel drum band can be a nice addition to a high end gala event.
10. Carolers can be nice addition to any holiday event.
11. A living statue that matches closely to the theme of your event.
12. Snake charmer is a unique way to attract the crowd.
13. A mentalist to interact and read the minds of the guests.
14. Ice sculptor who can sculpt the company logo for example.
15. Ballroom dancers became very popular after “Dancing with the Stars” show.
16. A choir can be a nice way to make a grandiose statement.
17. Opera singer for a classy event or gala.
18. On the spot graffiti artist is an ideal corporate event entertainment supply.
19. Hula dancers to mingle on the dance floor with guests.
20. Talent contest between employees.

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